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Sydsel Africa Food, agri-food and alternative proteins

Cover image of Sydsel Africa, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

Providing an integrated freezeless fresh agro-products and fish, green value chains processing, traceability and energy for jobs creation, growth and empowerment of local communities in Kenya. It is new market platform solutions with myriad product applications that enable new product markets and create new categories to expand opportunities for consumers, growers, manufacturers, distributors and operators. This new system decarbonizes the whole agro-business and fish value chains as it replaces the limited and costly cold value chains. The approach involves molding microbiology, engineering, and food science expertise to make foods that don’t require refrigeration or freezing ensures that the products can be transformed into longer shelf-life with natural original ingredients and tastes. We have also been piloting smallholder farmers to get access to web-based traceability system, integrate it with Mobile phones, E-Commerce and payment platform, and green renewable energy solutions.

Sectors Agribusiness, Fish farming, Food production
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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