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Swipe2Pay Empowers SME's to accept both card & mobile money as a mode of payment

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Swipe2pay is a payment solution, that empowers SME’s to accept both card and mobile money as a mode of payment to ease their access to finance.

SMEs in sub-Saharan Africa still manage their business with pen and paper even though they have a computer in their pocket – their Android smartphone.

Swipe2pay is building the missing digital products that African small businesses need in order to thrive. Our first product is the financial management app which helps small business owners keep track of their cash flows and an inventory tracking. This provides us with high-quality business data that we then use to determine an entrepreneur’s creditworthiness.” We are building alternative credit scoring models for SMEs to ease their access to loans from banks and MFIs using their business performance analytics data and cellphone data to determine their creditworthiness.”

Our proprietary algorithm uses cash flow and financial management behavioral data gathered through our app to determi

SectorsFinancial services
LocationKampala, Uganda
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