SWIFT DIGITAL PATHOLOGY KENYA Amazing technology, inspiring better health, the future of pathology.

Kenya Landscape:
~49 million people, 47 counties.
Almost 90% of the population receives health care from the public sector
Less than 2 pathologists per million people
Long TAT for histopathology results; average 21 days
Many hospitals do not have their own pathology department and most glass slides are sent off-site for further analysis
Utilize whole slide imaging (WSI) to digitize slides offering near real-time results. Decrease cost to the system. Improved accuracy.
Geographical Shortages: Many countries have no pathologist. Need for remote reporting
Unbalanced Workload: Long turnaround times. Increase in biopsies (more demand for testing).
over-burden of the few available resources.
Data Management Challenges: Retrieval and archiving are difficult.

WHY SWIFT DIGITAL PATHOLOGY KENYA: Increase Accuracy. Specimen Resiliency. Quick Analysis. Logistical Acumen.
MARKET: ~2,000 Private Health Providers, 47 County Hospitals, Res

Sectors Healthcare, Healthcare providers and services, Machine learning
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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