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Sustyvibes Making Sustainability actionable for young people.



SustyVibes is a social enterprise redefining sustainability advocacy for young people and giving them a platform to engage in Sustainable Development in their communities. SustyVibes is a cooler way of saying “Sustainability Vibes”; with 60% of Nigerians as youths, our strategy is to combine the skills and interests of young people to increase conversations on sustainability as well as implement practical sustainable development projects.

We operate through five working pillars:

Pillar 1 – Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Pillar 2 – Combating Pollution

Pillar 3 – Women Development

Pillar 4 – Pop culture for Sustainable Living

Pillar 5 – Sustainable Businesses and the Green Economy

Sectors Environmental services, Waste management and recycling
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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