Sustainable Youth Development Foundation (SYDF) Success Based on Skills

Uganda has one of the youngest and fastest growing populations in the world. Youth are often described as a group of people with high potential for increasing productivity and hence can be a good basis for economic growth. However, a large young and fast-growing population also poses immense challenges in the form of widespread youth unemployment. Statistics shows that youth face higher unemployment rates than adults, and that women faces higher rates than men. Hence, young women face a double burden by being both youth and female. (Anne-Marit Pettersen Master’s thesis in Peace and Conflict Transformation November 2017 The Arctic University of Norway) Based on the above mentioned study other reports and surveys, SYDF proposes this application to respond to the needs of building capacity of the youth and young mothers through hands on skills training to enable them create their own employment by establishing a quality vocational and entrepreneurial skills training center.

Secteurs Éducation, Emballage, Santé et droits en matière de sexualité et de procréation
Emplacement Kampala, Ouganda
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