SUSAMATI A business that aims to bring inovative solutions for sanitation

SUSAMATI is a social business that aims to bring sustainable solutions to the challenges of sanitation in Mozambique.
The idea comes as a result of the Biologocal Urban Sanitation Project (BUSP), which was financed by Via Water and ended in December 2018, but the team decided to continue to work as a social enterprise.

The first product we put on the market this year was Pia Fantastica, a toilet seat that besides being colorful and being the cheapest sanitation solution in the market, uses only one glass of water for each flush. We are currently testing the use of Black Soldier fly larvae that inoculated in the pit, can consume the fecal sludge reducing the need for emptying.
We have also been promoting environmental awareness campaigns in neighborhoods about sanitation, hygiene and environmental health.

Sectors Environmental services, Water, sanitation and hygiene
Location Maputo, Mozambique
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