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SURFGHANA COLLECTIVE When Extreme sports meet hospitality to empower the youth in Africa

Surf Ghana collective is a social enterprise which uses the practice of extreme sports as a driver for diversity in education, social inclusion, and empowerment of the youth.

Currently, in Africa, access to quality sports infrastructure is still a luxury while in the meantime tourism is placed third in terms of foreign exchange for countries as Ghana.
Surf Ghana is unique in its vision of becoming fully sustainable by taking advantage of the huge tourism and migration wave currently growing in Africa, for the benefit of the Youth.

The collective develops employability for the youth through surf and skate experiences. Using real estate assets such as sports guest houses the collective generates revenue to fund social projects annually.

With a primary goal to provide 10 000 youth across Ghana an extensive wellbeing and leadership program, the collective plans to build Ghana’s first sustainable skatepark in 2020 including a wifi café, art workshops, skate shop, and guest house

Secteurs Accueil, Sports et bien-être, Tourisme
Emplacement Accra, Ghana
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