Superior Catering Traditional Flavour, Quallity Ingredients

As a Farm to Table, our Theory of Change is based on the Pillars of:
1. Food Security
2. Proximity
3. Self-Reliance
4. Sustainability

The financing will provides technical support and training on the uptake of innovative technologies to improve productivity and profitability of undertakings. This will be done through use of an Off-Grid Integrated Farming Hub (IFH) solution on 20,000sqft of private property.

The solution will include but will not be limited to renewable power systems, internet connectivity, storage device micro-drip smart irrigation systems, water pumps and organic manure recycled from food waste. This integrated approach will address all three critical aspects of sustainable development (economic, environmental and social) through encouraging the best possible conditions for the optimum crop growth and making the best possible use of available inputs while observing good agricultural practices and conserving the environment.

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Food production
LocationMonchy, Saint Lucia
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