SunCase by Bleaglee (Suncase) A food processing startup specializing in grocery store products

For female farmers growing tomatoes and pineapples in Cameroon, one of the main business challenges is simply getting food to customers. Without access to food preservation technologies or efficient transportation, food often spoils before it gets to the market. Overproduction is another problem; many tiny farms grow the same crops as neighbors crowd the market at harvest time. Our startup, SunCase by Bleaglee (SunCase), is working to build new quality and nutritious brands that can save food that would otherwise be lost – and help boost the incomes of rural families living in extreme poverty. Suncase is a food processing startup that dehydrates and processes excess produce from farmers that would otherwise have gone to waste such as vegetables, fruits, spices and grains; and then packages into high quality and nutritious new food brands for consumers and food processing industries.

Sectors E-commerce, Food production, Packaging
Location Bamenda, Cameroon
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