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In West Africa, 40 % of taxes are not collected. It’s schools, hospitals, and unbuilt roads for the population. And 75 % of the population is unbanked. So we created Sudpay, a digital tax collection solution using mobile technology. Sudpay secures tax revenues and eliminates fraud. More importantly, Sudpay connects the informal sector merchants who represent 80 % of the African economy to microfinance institutions to include them financially. We are taking a committee on the collected taxes and a committee on financial services. Our vision was validated by two GSMA and UNCDF institutions with a grant of $420,000. This funding allowed us to enlist 19,000 merchants out of 7 municipalities representing 2.6M dollars collected. For our expansion plan, we need 2.5M euros to reach the potential of 2M merchants in 300 communes in Senegal, Guinea and Ivory Coast.

SectorsFinancial services, Fintech
LocationDakar, Senegal
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