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Street Streams Ltd The platform of choice for buyers and sellers within communities

Street Streams Ltd

Street Streams Ltd

The app taps into the well-known petty trader ecosystem that defines most West African societies. The traders are enabled by the novel digital registration functionality of street agents who sign them up. The aim is to ensure that in the next 5 years, at least a million merchants are signed up. This will significantly differentiate the shopping experience for most urban residents, who today, have to rely on street merchants and open markets for most small purchases. Existing online platforms and formal shopping channels, have not been able to cope with the culture of buying extremely small pack sizes. The average shopper expects the neighborhood merchant to stock the snack, the stationery item, the cosmetic or the lottery ticket, as the case may be. The app allows these items to be associated with mapped merchants. Any user requesting an item is matched with the closest and best rated merchant, who will deliver within 500m for free.

Sectors Fintech, Retail and wholesale
Location Nsawam Road, Ghana
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