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Streaming Nile streaming tv

An innovation that allows us to launch our TV channels and make advertisements, on Television streaming giants like Roku and Amazon Fire.

Online marketers and small businesses find it very costly and competitive to promote their businesses with Search Engine Optimization, Google adverts, Social media and expensive cable Television advertisement. So we find this an opportunity to find a solution for this issue on demand.
Subscribers or viewers on one streaming platform for example Roku may not be able to access channels on Amazon Fire at the same time. And if so, it would mean subscribing for both platforms which would seem expensive.

Our service/software you allows you to launch and manage your own TV channels on Television streaming giants like Roku and Amazon Fire. For TV channel owners, it means being recognized as the industry leader, easy income via TV advertisements, and traffic – depending on niche 3,500 to over 8,000 viewers in the first month alone.

SectorsCreative, media and entertainment, Marketing and PR
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