StarNews Mobile The addictive mobile video network for Africa

Today, hundreds of millions of young Africans are looking for locally-relevant content to consume on their mobile phones. But they are struggling to access it because of persistent challenges with unreliable internet speeds, high data costs, and inadequate payment methods. Meanwhile, local artists and content creators also struggle to live from their talent because they lack avenues to distribute and monetize their content. StarNews Mobile has figured out how to adapt video streaming to the African mass market: we work with top local and international celebrities to create subscription-based short-video content, delivered directly to consumers’ mobile devices through a prepaid micropayment system leveraging Africa’s largest mobile operators’ existing networks. StarNews Mobile has enjoyed tremendous growth and reached over 1 million subscribers within 9 months of pilot deployment in only one country (Ivory Coast). Following this, we signed a massive distribution contract with MTN to ex

SectorsMobile, New media, Telecom
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