SPRAGGLERS INC. Fashion,  technology and sustainability... Find your identity,  Be expressive.

SPRAGGLERS INC: An umbrella retail chain company- Athletics by Spragglers (a sport clothing, utility/accessories) Spragglers (high street and accessories company with divisions for Spragman, Spragwoman, Spraglet (kids) and Spragfeet.
Our sport division has a main focus on producing and supplying custom sport utility and clothing- such as jerseys, sport bags, shoes and utilities to the Nigerian athletic division from the Nigerian Football Federation to the NBA.
Our high street division designs, create fashion items with a business model centralised around the customer (high but limited premium output but low stock inventory- as each designs are only manufactured for trend demand), high end products and trends are created and replicated and made available at moderate prices yet having the high-end worth.
Spragfeet is a socks division with over 1500 premium unique quality designs of socks for kids, women and men ranging from dress socks to colorful socks.