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Spotagood An innovative online agricultural marketplace.


The business operates under the Limited Liability Company business ownership structure and is being managed by Charles George, Confidence Ukaigwe and Akinwumi Michael.

Charles George graduated with a diploma in Quantity Surveying from Auchi Federal Polytechnic, Edo state, Nigeria. He started brokering commodity deals when he was 18. He has brokered several international deals including coffee from USA to Nigeria, rice from India to Nigeria among others. In October 2019, he created a WhatsApp farmers marketplace group where agricultural deals are being closed every day.

Confidence Ukaigwe is a graduate of Delta State Polytechnic. He worked as a networker and broker in agricultural deals for about 5 years.

Akinwumi Michael has 10 years experience in IT and founded an ICT company called Maocular Tech Expert in the FCT of Nigeria, Abuja in 2010. His company has received recognition from global companies including Yahoo Inc.

He’s a visionary and one of the Nigeria ICT experts.