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SPICY Cuisine AFRO food at your doorstep

“SPICY-Afro Food at your doorstep”, is a mobile app for delivery of AFRO dishes, booking chefs and experiences to discover the African culinary culture, its recipes, its people, its places.
Running a restaurant is expensive. It’s + 7 years of debt and a lot of expenses.
” Your cuisine is your business. SPICY is your app “: Create your virtual restaurant with SPICY. Expert in African, Caribbean, Fusion, passionate young or retired, SPICY digitizes your offer. Share your talents with the community and earn money. In 2020, the online delivery food market represents $111 Mds. In 2030, Eater estimates it at $1000 Mds. 47 % of Millenials want more African influence in the menus.
Our niche position distinguishes us from giants like UberEats, Doordash. SPICY, free to download, takes a 10 % commission on each transaction.
We are already more than 2000 gourmands, “COME SIT AT OUR TABLE”

Sectors Media production, Mobile, Tourism
Location Dakar, Senegal
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