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Spaceman We provide brands on line market information by helping small shops

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Spaceman purpose is: build a better society by developing shops, brands and people growth.
We believe that EDUCATION is the way to develop growth.
Spaceman is a trade & shopper marketing agency, based on 3 pillars: DATA, TECHNOLOGY & PEOPLE.
We deliver online & updated market information, essential to take business decisions to improve brands performance.
In Latin America, around 70% of the volume of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) is commercialized in small grocery stores.
These are managed with no system, having no inventory, sales & profits reports. Therefore brands don’t have updated, loyal and consistent market information.
We launched chamigo, a web platform management software (totally free). Our purpose: boost small neighborhood stores business growth, generating social, educational, economic and cultural development.
It has been a success! We reached 90 chamigos and expected 500 this year in Paraguay. ABI Inbev is one of our main partners to expand reg

SectoresMachine learning, Analítica en línea, Software como servicio
UbicaciónAsunción, Paraguay
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