SosList Services We make medications and medical devices better accessible


Founder / CEO- Alexander Omoruyi Responsible for the day to day running of the company, in charge of the creative direction of the company, in charge of Business development and procurement for the company.
(Pharmacology, therapeutics and toxicology- University of Lagos)
85% ownership

IT and software engineer- Brian Omoruyi,
(Computer Engineer, University of Benin NIGERIA) Responsible for the design and maintenance and building of the website and applications (Android and IOS)
15% ownership

Financial officer- Anulika Deborah
In charge of money flow and budgets for the company

Quality control- Anu Ademuyiwa
In charge of procurement of prescription medications and ensuring they maintain the highest standard possible
(BPharm – University of Lagos)


  • Anulika Deborah
    Anulika Deborah
    CFO | College
  • Anu Ademuyiwa
    Anu Ademuyiwa
    Manager | University
  • Brian Omoruyi
    Brian Omoruyi
    CTO | University
  • Ruyialexander
    Founder | University