SomaApp An easy way to Find Fully Funded Scholarships



A mobile app that lists and matches African youth with thousands of domestic and international fully funded scholarships, Internships, and conferences

SomaApp is a product designed to help students with the high cost of university education. The cost of college and university rise every year hence students and parents are forced to take out student loans to pay the tuition fees and other cost of living. This put many students in insurmountable debt but there is an alternative; FULLY FUNDED OPPORTUNITIES.
The only problem is these opportunities are extremely hard to find, scattered over the Internet, this causes million dollars in free money to go to waste, as many students don’t know this money exist.

SomaApp makes it easier for High school, Undergraduates and Graduates students to find and win fully funded scholarships in a second. Student enters their academic qualifications and somaApp search engine matches them with scholarships they qualify for. 450 scholarships have been won

Stage Unknown EST June 2016
SectorsComputer software, Education, Mobile
LocationDar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of
MarketsEthiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, United Republic of
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