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SomaAfrica is a consolidated web based system bringing together all the schools in Africa from Kindergarten to University with the pilot country being Uganda, with the aim of;

1. Creating the one place someone can go to get verified information about any school in Africa.
2. Providing a platform where students can apply from into any school for any course at any level from anywhere in the world any time and track progress of their applications till they are approved and only leave their comforts on school reporting day.
3. Marketing our schools beyond borders while also linking students to scholarships / bursaries

SomaAfrica gives students / parents verified information about any school i.e location, contact, fees structures, requirements, events, combinations at A-level, cutoff points & whether registration is still going on etc.

A student can search any school, get the all information about it, apply via, track the progress of

Sectors Education
Location Kampala, Uganda
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