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The Human Resource Management system in any economy should contribute a certain percentage to data collection and promote security in the country. Bad staffing and management have led to the failure/closure of many businesses. One employer down, more unemployment issues, less employee/citizen database more insecurities, and individual misconduct.

Nigeria suffers from a lot of misconduct and abnormalities from the Human resource sector, ranging from scam recruiter, staff misconducts, turnover, employer insecurity, and many others that are steadily becoming an unrepentant trend in the country today.

The SOLVE 202 HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICE, a service with goals and innovations to assist, empower, support, and secure a close to standard life for the average youth in Nigeria through a Sophisticated Tech Recruiting Platform which not only covers the unemployed and employed market in Nigeria but also the Employers as well.

Sectors Consulting and business development, Enterprise software, HR and recruitment
Location 101283, Nigeria
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