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Solera Power Vending Machine A holistic infrastructure that focuses on productive use of energy

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Solera Power Vending Machine

Solera Power Vending Machine

Solera is tackling the rural electrification and lack of infrastructure challenge in Africa through its innovation SunSquare.
SunSquare is a quick-to-deploy, cost-effective, IoT-enabled solar PV mini-grid, that is typically placed in the heart of large off-grid rural villages creating a holistic infrastructure that is designed to focus on productive use of energy and enable city like basic services for the local community.
By building our infrastructure we aim to reach several outputs including electricity access for
local businesses and entrepreneurs with a focus on productive use, as well as enabling value-added services including: medical, telecom, retail, micro-finance, agricultural processing.
Our intended outcome is to create new jobs, help produce new value-added goods locally and
introduce new and much needed basic services in rural communities.

SectorsHealthcare, Retail, Solar power
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