Solatrify Africa's foremost value-added solar distribution company

Solatrify is a value-added solar distribution company committed to building a platform that connects local solar business & contractors ( Technicians , retailers, prosumers,  project developers & cooperatives ) to access varieties of high-quality solar equipment, renewable energy products & off-grid solutions at a wholesale price coupled with our value-added services, business support & finance mechanism to accelerate growth in their day-day business activities.

We are solving the everyday  challenges faced by  local solar contractors who are electrifying sub-Saharan Africa with solar energy solutions one home at a time; these problems include substandard/fake solar equipment ( Inverter, batteries, panels, mounting tools, etc) in the market, warranty & after sales support issues, dealing with unreliable solar manufacturers, unregulated pricing system, a high cost of delivery, poor product technical know-how, stocking issues and lack of financial support.

Our Mission to contribute immensely to the wide adoption, solar equipment trust, accessibility and affordability of solar energy in Sub-Saharan Africa.