Solar E-Cycles Kenya Empowering People

Our product provides affordable, accessible sustainable mobility to our users. Presently, hawkers are subjected to sell their produce off the street. They are often subjected to harassment for from the local authority which disrupts their businesses and income. Our product provides hawkers with a platform upon which they can safely, comfortably and securely sell their wares. Further to this, it provides them with autonomy and thus do not need to use conventional forms of transport e.g motorcycles which do not have the passenger/cargo capacity, tuk-tuks which have payload capacity but are significant contributors to air pollution. Lastly, hand-carts are human powered and thus result in significant losses in productive time which consequently negatively impacts business. Our tricycles provides users with 300 kgs of payload, 100 kms of range on a single charge at $3.50 per day. Therefore, we provide access to affordable sustainable mobility and further productive use.

StageStartup stage EST April 2015
SectorsAgribusiness, Green transportation and electric motors, Transport and logistics
LocationNairobi, Kenya
MarketsKenya, Morocco, South Africa
Customer modelB2B, B2B2C, B2C, Governments (B2G)
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