Solapac Limited Solar generated power, energy storage and clean water in a box

Solapac offers solar generated power, and energy storage, and the provision of WHO standard drinking water either on a grid-connected or off-grid basis. Extremely low maintenance Solapac unltilises only top quality components from reputable supply partners. Solapac can not only deliver real standard of living change very quickly but can act as a catalyst to micro-economic growth which itself creates exponential gains. Solapac easily lends itself to use as an education centre (WiFi enabled), health centre (e.g vaccination delivery point), kiosk / dispensing point of sale, social centre or just about any other purpose where a power supply is necessary. Tried and tested technology (UK demonstration unit fully functioning) and award winning (UK Energy Institute Environmental Award Winner 2017). Investors and local partners now sought.

SectorsClean technology, Renewable energy, Solar power
LocationAccra, Ghana
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