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Solakilimo solutions Freshness for value

Cover image of Solakilimo solutions, Agritech venture on VC4A

We are providing solar powered cold rooms for fish, fruits and vegetable farmers on a pay-as-you preserve model. The solar-powered cold storage offers an ideal response to the Kenyan farmers as it adequately addresses the problem of post-harvest losses. The freshness of the fish, fruits and vegetables is extended from two to 30 days. Farmers can look for better priced markets for their harvest. Solar energy cuts the storage energy expenses by 40% compared to electricity. Our unique model of paying-as-you preserve cuts accrued and maintenance as farmers use the cold room only when in need. The market for cold storage is huge and at the time the world is focusing on clean energy solutions in efforts to mitigate climate change. There exists very few off grid solution providers and majority of the farmers are located in regions not connected to the national grid.

Sectors Agritech, Fish farming, Solar power
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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