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Snode Technologies

Snode Technologies

Today’s security landscape is no longer defined by the known and familiar attack vectors, responded to by the traditional defences of installing a firewall, antivirus solutions and constantly updated threat signatures. Rather, companies are being attacked in ways they cannot predict and often, don’t even detect using traditional approaches to cybersecurity.

Snode leverages advanced mathematical algorithms and the power of learning machines to process large amounts of data. This provides insights into prevailing patterns to help identify and combat cybersecurity threats before a potential breach occurs. One of the advantages of Snode is that it automatically and anonymously shares analytics and insights gleaned from existing attacks, while learning the patterns behind criminals’ attempts to attack their network. This means that whilst other cybersecurity solutions become outdated, the Snode improves over time as it is well positioned to cater for new, emerging and advanced threats.

Stage Unknown EST November 2016
SectorsFinancial services, ICT, Transport and logistics
LocationCenturion, South Africa
MarketsCameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa
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