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We are seeking funding for our new project called Nashami. Nashami is an original kenyan 3D animated series about a young girl and her friends, who defy the odds and redeem themselves in a community that stigmatized and ostracized them from birth. It is story that is set in traditional kenya and delves deeply into the diverse kenyan culture, heritage and folklore.
This production’s storyline touches on sensitive cultural practices that are ongoing like: early childhood marriage, Female Genital mutilation and the inheriting of wives in an entertaining and educative manner, opening up these topics for discussion. Our target age group is 13 and above and this upcoming generation are the policy makers of the future and the earlier the sensitization of these issues are started, the better.
It has exponential potential due to the fact that it’s the first of it’s kind in kenya and in the East African region and the quality of animation and storytelling is marketable to a global audience

SectorsAnimation, Creative, media and entertainment, Video production
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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