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Share Education on an easy and interesting way for every child in everywhere.
Bad education system.
Outdated learning methods.
Expensive schools with less value.
Autism issues because of over using the technology.
Storytelling platform for Childs from 2-8 years with Tailored Profile per each child: Profiles created by pedagogical and physiological experts.
Technology system can identify each profile for each child.
Easy and enjoyable content: We have storytellers not teachers.
Low Cost and High-Value Platform, we are aiming to build generations and spread learning all over the world.
Gamified & Skill Focus and Child Centric platform.
Weekly Mind & Health performance report for parents.
Application Time management for kids to not use not more 2 hours a day.
Content In Each Profile :
Creative & Tech & Language & Career development

Stage Idea/Concept stage EST August 2018
Sectors Education, Educational services, New media
Location Cairo, Egypt
Markets Kenya, South Africa
Customer model B2B, B2C, Governments (B2G), Non-profits
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