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Smart Media Creations Advertise, sanitize, realize, healthier lives

Problem statement

WASH campaigns’ outcomes have remained in a plateau state as a result of campaign fatigue in recent times. New infections of communicable diseases have reemerged with menacing prevalence in WASH covered zones. A paradigm shift integrating smart technologies and innovations to inject new impetus to WASH & HSS campaigns, thus salvaging & bolstering the same is indeed the sought after silver bullet solution encapsulated as HAPA.

Health Augmentative Partnerships Africa’s (HAPA) relevance to Kenya’s Health sector

HAPA is the embodiment of the above school of thought & seeks the partnership of AMREF, & other like-minded PPP health stakeholders to rewrite Africa’s bedeviled health narrative. Technology has induced the leapfrog effect resulting to unprecedented leading edge health solutions in the first World.

Sectors Big data, Healthcare providers and services, New media
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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