Smart Africa College Smart Africa College (SAC) is a private Virtual Learning Institution.

This project aim to reduce the high number of unskilled people in Liberia and Africa trough online Diploma and Degree Programs in STEM and Business Courses.

Smart Africa College (SAC) is a private Virtual Learning Institution that seeks fund to help build an online platform and a office space in Liberia and other neighboring countries. We also need this money to help us recruit volunteers who are interested in contributing to Africa through educational means.

According to World Bank report in 2015, around 89 million youth, ages 12-24 years, are out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the next decade, an estimated 40 million more youth will drop out and face an uncertain future without adequate work and life skills. Therefore, we are asking that you contribute in the reduction of said alarming figure.


LocationGanta, Liberia
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