Smardex The super contact app that keeps you "Connected Forever"

Smardex is an iOS and Android app that allows your contacts to update themselves directly in your phone!

You can now receive updates directly in your phone regarding your contacts newly added numbers, emails…etc

Since your privacy really matters! Smardex will enable you to control which contacts can view each single update you make, meaning that you can set your viewing permissions for each number, email, social account and so on.

Smardex can also identify duplicated contacts and link them to keep your contacts clean. The app will also identify for you the obsolete numbers you have; so that you don’t keep calling wrong numbers.

Smardex backups your contacts where you can operate more than one device with Smardex, just install the app on your new device and all your contacts will instantly appear to you, clean and up-to-date!

Before you make a call, Smardex can identify to you whether or not the person you’re about to call is roaming and what is the current time for him.  

Stage Unknown EST January 2015
Sectors Computer software, Mobile, Utilities
Location Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Markets Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia
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