SkyNet Premium Ltd Internet Service Providers

SkyNet Premium Ltd is a Network Engineering startup that provides high speed fiber cable internet services to homes and offices in the local area over a Wireless Wide Area Network system that is more affordable to install for the residents and small businesses in the area at an installation cost of Kshs 10,000. The equipment that we install at a client’s premise can access speeds of up to 150Mbps and connects the client to our Access Points that are setup in the area. SkyNet aims to provide fast and reliable internet services at affordable costs to the majority of the population who cannot afford to install and maintain high speed fiber links. SkyNet Premium Ltd has built a working prototype that is providing unlimited internet services to 35 homes and businesses in the area. As an alternative to unlimited fiber for homes and small businesses, SkyNet has a huge niche to operate in by providing unlimited fiber services over a more affordable fixed wireless medium.

Stage Growth stage EST February 2015
Sectors Internet
Location Ongata Rongai, Kenya
Markets Kenya
Customer model B2B, B2C
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