Skyfarer LTD Making Drone Delivery Possible

We have a vision to connect the drone industry by creating an ecosystem of operations. Currently the market is exciting, but excitement is all there is. There is no real commercial operation on a large scale taking place with drones (or UAVs), and that is because development is sporadic and segmented. We take the approach that the technology is already out in the world, all it needs is something to bind it all together, a front end to connect the drone market to real logistical (or even imaging) operations. We now have the partnerships required to start operational trials in Africa with our operational partners and begin real medical logistical operations (as an initial market) in a place that needs it the most. As a system of systems, an integrator and a drone operations contractor, from these operations we will provide social value, obtain revenue and develop our operational process and integrations in locations where regulations allow it. From here, we can expect exceptional growth

Secteurs Fournisseurs et services de soins de santé, Matériel et fournitures médicaux, Transports et logistique
Emplacement Coventry, Royaume-Uni
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