Skarabrand Real value furniture, great price!

Skarabrand is a curated online furniture retailer, offering affordable, contemporary, house-hold furniture to the Nigerian consumer via its website Our goal is to disrupt the traditional furniture industry and become the market leader by creating innovative products and a customer-centric approach to customer-service

According to Oliver Samwer, CEO Rocket Internet, owners of Jumia, “There are only 3 areas in ecommerce to build billion-dollar business: amazon, zappos and furniture.” In Nigeria today, there are no major (billion-dollar) furniture brands, in a $500 billion economy, 1.5% of which is online, according to the 2013 report by McKinsey.

This means there is clearly serious potential for growth and massive opportunity for Skarabrand to capture and own majority market share in the over $3 billion-dollar Nigeria furniture sector. The furniture industry in Nigeria is highly fragmented, grossly undersupplied. We built to fill this void, by providing an online catalogue where Nigeria’s rapidly growing internet savvy consumer class (currently over 50million), can review, select and buy a wide variety of affordable, quality furniture and home décor items conveniently, while experiencing superb customer service. 

We are confident that our venture is scalable and our desire is to capture the furniture retail industry in Nigeria in 3 to 5 years. The furniture industry in Nigeria is ripe for disruption, partner with us!

Stage Unknown EST February 2015
Sectors E-commerce, Manufacturing, Retail
Location Abuja, Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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