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Sisi Oja Lagos' Finest Marketpaedia and one-stop Shopping Assistant.

Sisi Oja; a Yourba word which translates to “A trendy Market Lady” in English, Founded in February 2018 is a professional personalized shopping and errand service startup that allows customers to purchase items / services at zero or little inconvenience to their schedule and workday. Sisi Oja does this through the aid of its Lead Shopping Consultant, providing each customer with personalized, quality solutions to their shopping concerns at the lowest prices. Sisi Oja leverages heavily on technology to provide these services, and is aware of trends & the shopping environment. The Sisi Oja business model is designed for digital media. Clients enjoy the convenience of engaging us solely on numerous digital platforms.
Sisi Oja offers two major kinds of Services; 1) Shop-For-Me Services where goods are purchased for the client at little or no inconvenience to their work schedule, & 2) Shop-With-Me Services where customers are taken to best places at the market for the best buys &

LocationVictoria Island, Nigeria
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