Sirtch Simple, clean and detailed ads

Sirtch is a classified ads platform simplifying connecting people and products. We are focusing on five categories (Electronics, Cars, Real Estate, Homeware, Jobs) because these categories contain the essential items that our target audience needs, buy and sell over their lifetime.

There comes a time when a working young adult moves out of their family home and look for their own place to stay (Real Estate) to buy or rent, need a reliable and affordable mode of transport to go to work (Car) and once they have worked and saved up for a while start buying affordable home furniture and appliances (Homeware), and with every disposable income get that awesome gadget affordably (Electronics).

This life cycle continues as an individual progresses in life and look to access better opportunities (Jobs). They sell that unused item for extra cash to help out the family in tough times or to buy a newer item. Sirtch becomes ingrained in our users’ as a safe platform to trade used items.

Stage Unknown EST October 2017
Sectors Internet
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Markets Eswatini, Mozambique, South Africa
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