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Silo Grain Storage (SGS) Investing in technologies that will add value

Traditional storage practices in Uganda cannot guarantee protection against major storage pests of staple food crops like maize, leading to 20e30% grain losses, particularly due to post-harvest insect pests and grain pathogens. As a result, smallholder farmers end up selling their grain soon after harvest, only to buy it back at an expensive price just a few months after harvest, falling in a poverty trap. The potential impact on poverty reduction and greater livelihood security will not be realized, however, if farmers are unable to store grains and sell surplus production at attractive prices. Apart from causing quantitative losses, pests in stored grain are also linked to aflatoxin contamination and poisoning.
To address this problem, SGS developed a valid option and proven effective in protecting stored grains from attack by storage insect pests. The impact of metal silo technology in Uganda, improving food security, empowering farmers, enhancing income, and employment.

Sectors Agribusiness, Food and beverage
Location Kampala, Uganda
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