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Project for the Implementation of the Model of Resilient Agriculture through portable soil laboratory technology. The solution is part of a model tested in other countries, which has demonstrated through the generation of strategic frameworks an effective optimization of agro-productivity in the short and medium term, based on the fundamental premise of the assessment on the ground, directly and expediently, achieving immediate recommendations and/or tools to create favorable productive environment, soil and crop salavagurda, risk mitigation and vulnerability, preparedness and response, relevant and timely. It is necessary to emphasize that with the implementation of the solution proposal, underlying problems are solved as they are: to favor the associativity, generation of value chains, means of life, training and/or technical training according to the needs, potentialities, and realities of each agricultural community, empowerment

StageStartup stage EST June 2016
SectorsCrop farming
LocationMaracay, Venezuela
Customer modelC2C
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