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Shops ‘N’ Links The sale of consumable goods, household products and services.

Ever been through a university in Nigeria,you will notice it’s a community on its own.As in every other human community, food and household goods and services are a necessity. Though, there are shops that serve this need, their structure are very traditional. They employ no form of technology. This creates a lot of tension, delay and bad customer service. We seek to redefine this across private and public, upcoming and existing hostels and also provide other ancillary services. In summary, our company will provide food and household products and services within hostel-based modern convenience stores which we may either build,renovate or manage based on leasehold and other applicable agreements. Relevant parts of our services will be digitalized.We will also be partnering with other aspiring entrepreneurs with products/services that are ideally channeled through student environments.Much later,we will diversify into production,(starting with plantain based products)and online stores).

Sectors Animal farming, Clean technology and energy, Fish farming
Location Ife, Nigeria
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