Shoppote We help retailers expand their visibility spectrum & increase footfall

Shoppote is a retail tech startup that connects shoppers and retailers (brick-and-mortar) to increase foot traffic and engagement in-store.
Nowadays, there is no possible way for merchants and brands to keep consumers informed on the availability of product and offers in real-time. Consumers also continue to suffer long walk in search for items/products from local retail stores. On average it will take an hour to find a product you need after visiting several shops.
A workable solution for this has been the deployment of local search engines, business listing platform (provide only contact information and no details on product availability) and e-commerce solutions (reduces chances for merchant to up-sell or cross-sell), but only a solution like shoppote can leverage the online shopping technology to enhance in-store shopping experience.
Our approach in solving these problems is an O2O platform that provides consumers with real-time access to on-shelf product and offers at the closest offline stores. Based on user location.