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Shoppote Product discovery platform from offline retail outlets in Africa

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Everyday thousands of people ask some very simple questions, but with difficult to find answers – Where can I get the best 32″​ sony tv? Which are the best stores to shop for dresses in Douala & Yaounde? What kind of furniture can i buy for my house and where to buy them?

Shoppote is attempting to answer all these. And much more. One at a time. Every single day.

A bootstrapped early stage startup, Shoppote is changing the world of offline shopping. With 250+ retail stores covered across Douala and Yaounde, Shoppote is the biggest structured product discovery platform there is. In the next 12 months, it is going to completely transform how Cameroonians shop for products in real markets.

Currently seeking equity seed funding

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Sectors E-commerce, Mobile, Retail
Location Douala, Cameroon
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