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SHOPMEAWAY Shopmeaway, Shop your Own Way

Shopmeaway makes it possible for businesses and individuals in underserved markets in Africa, to buy and receive for an affordable price any product from main global suppliers in China, Europe, US.
Globalization is making the world a smaller place and is creating a culture of common material aspiration.
However these material aspirations are not equally fulfilled for everyone due to logistics and payment issues.
Shopmeaway combines a product aggregator platform with a discount logistics service.
Shopmeaway is already running a profitable bootstrapped version in Senegal. In 2 years we want to serve Ghana, Kenya and Morocco.
Our target market are the business and high net worth individuals in emerging countries and in secondary cities.
We compete with African agregators like Mall for Africa and Market Places like Jumia.
Compared to our competitors, our one stop shop is more convenient for customers and our shippig fees are 3 times cheaper than DHL.

Sectors E-commerce, Logistics
Location Dakar, Senegal
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