ShopKubwa aims at leveraging analytical cloud based mobile technology to enhance Kenyan MSMEs which represents 1/3 of the GDP, employs seven millions of people, and generates 90% of the new jobs.
MSMEs suffer from low productivity due to a combination of low skill and education levels, lack of records, and difficulty to access critical services for corporation. To empower MSMEs, ShopKubwa has developed an app to improved business performance by harnessing company data and providing access to an ecosystem of business services. Our client will register their transaction in our app by leveraging our pre-populated products database and will get business-oriented reports and analysis. Our platform will make the link between MSMEs and service providers to finance working capital or improve supply chain based on company data and performance.
Smartphones are already the primary gateway to the internet: 82% of Kenyans now access internet services via phones and 60%+already use a smartphone.

SectorsCloud solutions, Diversified services, Enterprise software
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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