Shedharv Agroe International Bridging consumer and economic gab in food supply and consumption.

An agribusiness firm into crop and livestock production. Africa has a vast area and weather to support growth of various cash crops and livestock and we are currently centered on maize and chicken production. We have projected to produce an average of 1.2 million birds with over 2.5 million crates of eggs and about 3 million bags of maize annually. 

Due to the sharp increase in demands in the African region, this project is deemed to be of a high profit potential with a very low risk involved. With a professional team and a broad research ranging from agriculture, economics, marketing down to soil and crop science, engineering and IT, our firm is sure to stand out among its competitors as we intend to implement the use of advance technology and methods of farming. 

We have estimated to generate over $250 million in our first five years with an annual return of 10% of principal and 8.3% annual addition for investors. With our detailed business plan, we are set

SectorsAgribusiness, Consumer non-durables
LocationAccra, Ghana
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