Shared Value Agents mobile money agent apps to introduce diverse digital finance

In order to fuel trusted face-to-face services, we are building mobile money agent apps to diversify digital financial services. Base of the Pyramid (BoP) still needs to rely on cash, so Cash-In-Cash-Out (CICO) remains critical for degree of adoption & use of mobile money. However, agents run out of cash or float to serve 2-3 customers with CICO per day, so Rafiki-Lender is starting with a p2p lending app as an “Uber” for liquidity management. Hypothesis = With user friendly interface , mobile money agents will be willing to pay within an app that helps liquidity to increase sales. Our unique enablement with SMS/USSD + cash will more than double supply by lenders.

Stage Unknown EST October 2015
SectorsFinancial services, Mobile, Telecom
LocationKampala, Uganda
MarketsTanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
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