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Share Anonymous Initiative Speak Out, Speak Together!

Share Anonymous Initiative is an ongoing project that is transforming society’s understanding and response to sexual and domestic violence using storytelling, data, and technology. Our focus is on empowering survivors with the knowledge, tools, and community to begin their healing journey and navigate whatever issues that may come up, as well as empower them to build resilience and thrive. We’re also focused on gaining survivor wisdom; we believe that because survivors are at the center of the harm they should be centered at its resolution, that way we create better intervention strategies, support strategies, and prevention strategies.

Our Services:

1. We collect data on sexual violence and trauma.

2. We provide a safe space where survivors can speak out and share their stories anonymously.

3. We have a discussion forum.

4. We provide therapy and legal support for victims and survivors.

5. We run complimentary workshops on sexual assault, healing, resilience, etc.

SectorsBig data, Sexual and reproductive health and rights
LocationLagos, Nigeria
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