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Seye Nature Local consumption

The project consists of the processing and online marketing of the following agro-food products:
-Thiéré, wheat flour, but-Powder de Bouye, de bissap, de noflaye-Palm oil (Diw Tiir) – Peanut palm, ThiPPC-Araw, Sankhal, cereals for infants and elderly-Soumpe oil, Baobab oil-Sirop de Maad en jam-Le marché local de consommation des grains local, – Les Senegalese de la diaspora settled en Europe, en Amérique et les Africans in a general way who find it difficult to find quality African products in their host locality constituting an important business opportunity for SEYE Nature et-Les entreprises de manufacture de Consmetically.

The agri-food market is a growing market. It is promoted by the projects and programmes, the NGOs and the PMI. With this project the promoter can make a strong contribution to the regulation of needs

Sectors Agribusiness, Food production
Location Dakar, Senegal
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