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Selu Replenishing the Earth, Recycling Resources, Reimagining Agriculture

Agribusinesses struggle in climate controlling indoor growing facilities. Several climate controlling devices are used (such as evaporative cooling, dehumidification, CO2 injectors, etc.) and all incur substantial energy costs, without the ability to regulate healthy environmental conditions affordably and reliably for crop growth. As a result, agribusinesses are reliant on costly energy consumption devices with grid-enabled power supply. The Selu Oasis System is a consolidated solution that reclaims water from the atmosphere, generates renewable energy, fertilizes crops with CO2/hydrocarbons, and provides clean air processing (HVAC) as a controlled environment agriculture system to reduce energy costs in climate controlling indoor agriculture environments. Using only a single heat fuel source, Selu Oasis climate controls environments without agribusinesses struggling with combined-utility costs, providing a new era of agricultural security.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agritech, Clean technology and energy
LocationHolladay, United States of America
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