Seedstar Huilerie Royale Ted Benin Sarl Pitch. HRTed adds the value of coconut oil and by-products in Benin.

Since 2016, HRTed has been working with 30 rural women who extract coconut oil as their income generating activity. By innovating through transportation, filtering, stabilizing without additives, packaging, and sales in major Benin markets, HRTed has boosted the market of the rural women’s coconut oil as well as its commercial value. From selling 72 liters per month to HRTed in 2016, the women now sell 800 liters. From 5 distributors in January 2016 HRTed now has 100 distributors in Benin. After investing $11700 the has grown to $33600 in 2018. HRTed has also been working with 6 employees, 1 mentor and 1 implementing partner. Since 2017, the demand for HRTed’s coconut oil at national and international levels can be estimated at 50,000 liters per month. For HRTed to satisfy this high demand, it started a small factory for extracting coconut oil near Cotonou. This can be achieved with an additional $39000, technicians, administrators and 100 women and coconut farmers.

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