Sea-Ro Logistics Creating efficiency for import and export logistics

Seven Strides Limited is a transport company based in Kenya, with its office located in Mombasa. We have been in the transport industry for two years now, moving import and export cargo within the country. The idea of Sea-Ro came about from the delays experienced during the clearing and forwarding stage which ultimately affected the transport delivery times and us as the transporter would be approached by an angry and frustrated client who thought the delay was largely the transporter’s fault.
Sea- Ro, is coming in to provide efficiency and transparency to the importer and exporter on each step of their imported and exported consignment, where the client will be able to track the status of their cargo from the time it is off-loaded from the vessel to the time it is loaded to a truck up-to their preferred destination and return of the empty container to the empty container deport.

StageGrowth stage EST May 2016
SectorsTransport and logistics
LocationMombasa, Kenya
Customer modelB2B
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